During their time at our school, children will become confident, inquiring and imaginative problem solvers, who explore without fear of failure and have a love of learning. Our school will recognise and nurture the talent in each individual child, ensuring that no child is overlooked and can learn in a safe and happy atmosphere.

We will provide a challenging, compelling and expressive environment where staff are able to be flexible to take advantage of circumstances and ensure progress of children. Our teachers will have the passion and enthusiasm to engage with children at a ll levels, with time to recognise the individual needs. We will ensure that no child is overlooked – searching for their talents and encourageing confidence.

From Early Years to the end of Key Stage 2 we will focus on the key curriculum area of English and Mathematics whilst allowing continuous development of Humanities, Creative Arts and Technology to embed skills in communication, literacy and numeracy. Learning will be planned with intergrated themes wherever possible.

We will ensure good communication with parents and are determined that our drive for outstanding results will not damage the community ethos of the school.



  • to enable better than expected progress for every child
  • to ensure that all aspects of learning are valued
  • to provide appropriate challenge for all children


  • to take full advantage of the rural community and village life
  • to provide an atmosphere that is questioning, energetic, active, enthusiastic and playful
  • to learn outdoors as well as inside


  • to encourage the development of positive relationships
  • to develop strong personal confidence leading to positive mental health
  • to ensure healthy eating
  • to ensure regular and challenging physical exercise


  • to develop the knowledge and skills to be ready for a successful secondary education
  • to understand the global community and our relationships with the world
  • to be confident and competent users of ICT